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Our Company

TV Sells Real Estate™ is the all-inclusive TV advertising solution for your real estate business, and it fits even a conservative budget. We're film and television industry people, not just computer geeks - so we know how to make your commercial stand out from the crowd.

We're one of a suite of services from Academy Leader, Inc., a multifaceted media company that spans broadcast, cable, video, motion picture and new media venues.

Our Founders

TV Sells Real Estate™ is the brainchild of Academy Leader, Inc., who brought you the original, international online TV advertising agency, Cheap TV Spots®. Back in 2001, our company shook up the advertising world when we launched our hyper-discount TV advertising service, breaking down the barrier for small businesses of all kinds to participate in television, widely regarded as the most powerful advertising tool available.

We found, in our interactions with our clients, that the special needs of the real estate marketplace were both fascinating, and largely underserved by regular production companies. Now we're here with a new, all-inclusive service to make promoting your real estate business with TV advertising simple - and more affordable.

The founders of TV Sells Real Estate™ have been working together for over a decade in the competitive film and television arenas, as well as consulting to the high-tech and small business world. With numerous award-winning TV and film productions to their credit, the founders now turn their well-received creative energy toward revolutionizing real estate TV advertising with the launch of TV Sells Real Estate™.

Our Team

You know that any great company is only as good as its team members. Our team comes from a wide range of backgrounds with companies like Disney, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, MGM, Hanna Barbera, Universal Pictures, Imagine, Showtime, Time Warner, SGI, Sun Microsystems, IBM, and numerous local TV and radio stations. We've been featured on national news programs and on popular shows such as Entertainment Tonight.

Our in-house creative team, many of whom have more than 25 years of experience each in the entertainment and advertising industries, has garnered a total of over 120 national and international awards.

Our Investors

This is a privately funded venture, and as such, we don't have to sacrifice quality for quotas. No institutional investors to appease. Our only concern is for your advertising success.

Our company joins with a select handful of quality-focused companies to bring additional services to our TV advertising customers, ranging from radio, PR, and mobile ads, to add-on services like call centers, animation, and jingles.

Our Awards

Our experienced creative team has won over 60 awards specifically for our TV commercial productions. Here are just a few:

The Aurora Awards, Platinum Best of Show - This yearly international competition for film and TV professionals boasts some of the most stringent judging standards.

The Telly Awards, Silver Award - A respected international competition for excellence in television, Telly winners include Stephen Colbert's "The Colbert Report" on Comedy Central.

Worldfest Houston, Silver Award - It's one of the oldest and largest independent film/TV competitions in the world, whose winners have included such luminaries as Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

For More Information

TV Sells Real Estate™ is a service created to provide a stunningly low-cost, beautifully simple TV advertising package for promoting your real estate business. You'll find more information about our TV productions, air time, how it works, and other common questions as you look around our website.
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