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 TV Sells Real Estate™ - TV Air Time Made Fast and Easy

Branding on a Budget

Let our experienced media buyers find you the perfect location for your TV campaign. Many networks available.

Court TV, MTV, FOX, VH1, CNN, HGTV, TLC, TV Land, ABC, CBS, and more

Think Customers, Not Channels

You're the expert on who your customers are. House hunters, mortgage hunters, people who need your real estate services.

We're the experts on where they're watching.

We're a real TV advertising agency, so we're not going to leave you out in the cold to make the hard decisions about your air time, all on your own. With your input, we'll pick the best locations for your airing schedule, so you can concentrate on what you're best at - serving your clients.

When you get started with TV Sells Real Estate™, we'll ask you a few key questions about the type of customer you'd like to reach: age, gender, income, interests, and so on, and the location where you'd like people to see your commercial (neighborhood, city, county, region, or nationwide). Your input is the key ingredient in our magic formula to find the perfect airings for your TV commercial.

The “Silver” and The “Gold” - Two Great Packages

When you grab The "Silver," you get as much as 3 months of air time: the location is your choice. (You can even be on the air locally in a city outside of your own.)

When you go for The "Gold," you get as much as 6 months of air time, plus great free upgrades like professional voiceover and a Quicktime version of your TV ad, great for your website or for emailing to customers.

Your Air Time Schedule

Air time is purchased on a space-available basis, striking a balance between sufficient frequency and the right target audience. As soon as your air time is scheduled with networks, we'll let you know in advance where and when your airings will start. The networks provide us with information about aired spots 60 to 90 days after the last airing date.

Air time is scheduled after we receive your payment. Networks customarily expect payment in advance for small and new advertisers. Your prompt payment ensures faster scheduling of your air time, which typically translates to better availability.

Current Clients: Top-Up Your Air Time and Get Goodies

Get a refill and keep on branding! When you do, there's a little something extra for you.

Top-Up on The "Silver," (purchase an additional $2,999 airing package), get a free QUICKTIME VIDEO version of your TV commercial.

Top-Up on The "Gold," (purchase an additional $5,999 airing package), get a REFRESH of your TV commercial. This is simply an update of your current TV ad. It's a great opportunity to change details like a home price, photos, or contact information, if required. A Refresh also eliminates "ad burnout" and keeps your customers up to date.


Every effort is made to secure quality airings that fit your demographic and location parameters. All airings are subject to network schedules and availability. The networks do not guarantee placement on a particular day or time.

Studies show that customers are over 70% more likely to make a purchase after seeing a video presentation of the product or service.

Nationwide - across the U.S. on quality networks

Local - anywhere in the country

with air time purchase


"Full-Service" quality for far less than a "do-it-yourself" price. We take 100% OFF the cost of your TV commercial production when you buy your air time with TV Sells Real Estate™. Our packages are priced smart for your TV marketing needs.


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